Single high capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery, the best choice of electric energy mass storage
Diverse uses of energy management system, energy efficient use of the best helper
Professional and experienced battery module design, electrical equipment manufacturing is the most suitable partners
BEMS (Building Energy Manager System)
Building energy manager system will be building or group of buildings for the variable power distribution, lighting, elevator, air conditioning, heating, water supply and drainage, energy use and energy-saving management of building management and control system for centralized monitoring, management and decentralized control, called BEMS (Building Energy Manager System)

BEMS system work flow diagram

The actual effect of installing BEMS creates:
1.Good for the building maintenance and repair all the equipment;
2.Operation and monitoring equipments situation, improve the management level;
3.Good management can prolong the service life of equipment, the equipment replacement cycle longer, save the equipment cost;
4.Send all kinds of equipment fault and alarm signal in time, for the loss to the lowest point, easy to operate personnel to solve the problem;
5.Find and replace the old energy-consuming equipment, with electrical energy label to save energy costs.

This product mainly for home, villa, large hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals or various research institutions need long-term uninterrupted power supply to the users and the development. The device can be set according to different power sources of electric storage period and output time. Can also set the size of output power according to user needs, uninterrupted length of service. Equipment using the urban low cheap electricity to charge the batteries for storage, and set the long-term to maintain uninterrupted power supply.
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