Single high capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery, the best choice of electric energy mass storage
Diverse uses of energy management system, energy efficient use of the best helper
Professional and experienced battery module design, electrical equipment manufacturing is the most suitable partners
Container type energy management system
Distributed energy is dispersed renewable energy and clean energy. In recent years, the development of photovoltaic, wind power, natural gas and other decentralized power, in order to deal with climate change, energy security, energy strategy has become an important content of the world. Based on distributed photovoltaic project as an example, the promotion of nearby power, grid, using the principle of the nearest nearest, can reduce power transmission losses, application in industrial buildings, public buildings and residential roof.

Internal structure diagram

Field of application
Mobile battery energy storage cabinet for load fluctuations larger factories, business center, shopping malls, villas, family, school, hospital, scientific research institutions and outdoor electrical repair occasions need long time uninterrupted power supply of users and the development of energy storage equipment, its capacity is generally small, usually in the hundreds of KWh to within 2MWh, placed in the container.

The device can be set according to different power sources of electric storage period and output time. Can also set the size of output power according to user needs, uninterrupted length of service. This equipment can be used in low cheap electricity to charge the batteries for storage, and set the long-term to maintain uninterrupted power supply.

Advantages and characteristics
1.Battery, power control, off-grid operation three kinds of operation mode, meet the application in different occasions;
2.High efficiency power conversion, low standby power loss, power conversion efficiency can reach more than 95%;
3.BMS dynamic monitoring battery voltage, current and other information, in case of emergency, notify the PCS stops running, or disconnect the output relay;
4.Flexibility, we can recommend different PCS cooperation factory according to customer demand (domestic and international famous brands);
5. In the network environment, the power storage device can be provided by a battery.
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