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Home Energy Management System
HEMS (home energy management system) is the Home Energy Management System abbreviation, it is a ring of power management system, refer to electrical equipment including air-conditioner, refrigerator, computer, lighting and other energy sensing device, Through the network link, collect appliance power use information, achieve energy visualization and optimal control system, In addition to control as a source of energy, but also can transfer the data to the cloud, according to the analysis of the state of the system, reference can be used as power control.

HEMS has energy sensing characteristics, can let users understand self use energy when the actual energy consumption, the time and the cost, and can be combined with the using habit of the user to adjust the energy saving scheme.

In addition to energy saving, solar power generation device has become the connection HEMS, it can be produced by using redundant power delivery to supplement the energy, to create, store, free use of the power.

About the HEMS case Japan was imported more than 500 housedholds in 2002, and it reached energy efficiency of 13%, also the European Union was started the "ENERinTOWN" plan, it will expect to saving power 6~16%.

Our company developed using solar energy and electric power input for house use energy storage system. It is good for the area where no power and power supply instable, the clean, environmentally renewable energy will be supply to house use by this energy stystem.

System features:
1.Solar energy and electric power generation, it will automatic transfer to city power if solar power shortage, high guarantee of the power use.
2.Solar power and city electric power supply priority optional mode.
3.Solar controller has the function of MPPT, the conversion efficiency can be 98%.
4.Pure save output, low noise, high efficiency, strong load ability, it has perfect protection function.
5.LCD display: display show the power state, input and output details, bettery capacity, product power generation intuitive ect, easy reading.
6.Intelligent and perfect Lithium battery management system: Active equalization, high accuracy voltage acquisition, ensure the consistency of the electric core.
7.Humanized alarm function and improve the line protection function, ensure the safe operation of the system in use.
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