Single high capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery, the best choice of electric energy mass storage
Diverse uses of energy management system, energy efficient use of the best helper
Professional and experienced battery module design, electrical equipment manufacturing is the most suitable partners
Power plant energy management system
Through the generation side or side scheduling, will be part of the load peak load period to arrange the low load period, increase the lowest load system cuts system peak load, load rate, improve.

Night off-peak period, energy storage power station put too much power stored up; the daytime peak hours of electricity use, energy storage power plant electricity releasing stored, thereby reducing peak and filling valley.

The power frequency power supply network will be used due to the effect of electrical low peaks, fluctuations in the 50HZ, energy storage power station can realize FM on power frequency by peak transmission low peak power storage.

Because of the power plant is all-weather continuous power, if it does not use electricity, for electricity generation, energy is wasted. Usually the power capacity of a power plant is fixed do not change easily, but usually in the daytime peak electricity, it will cause the power is not enough, the evening is low, redundant fail to use the electricity is wasted, in view of this phenomenon, the power system is a part of the peak load to the night trough, thus the night extra power, can achieve the purpose of saving energy.

(Structure diagram)

Field of application
Power battery energy storage system for solar energy, wind energy and other new energy power generation field, substation, power grid control center needs to adjust the power grid peak and Valley field peak, the capacity is large, usually in a few MWH to hundreds of MWh, placed in a special storage room. The application in grid regulation, the system stability and reliability are very high.

Energy storage for smooth scenery, tracking project power output power, cut a peak to fill the valley, four functions involved in system frequency regulation system; in addition, will also have transient active power output of emergency response, transient voltage emergency support function.
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