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Champion International Enterprise Limited was founded in 2003, main products for dirt bikes in Europe and America market, also have the opportunity to touch the electric vehicle technology test stage, and opened up to international enterprise limited electric utilities in the long road test and trial, beginning from 2004, after two years of time, testing a variety of lithium battery countless, and ultimately selected monomers large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery as the main direction of development, because of its excellent safety, long cycle life, large capacity, low self-discharge rate, can the deep charging and high-current charge and discharge and many other advantages, and from the beginning of 2006 to the United States and Europe, batch market sales of lithium iron phosphate battery for electric cars, such as: electric cars, electric buses, electric truck and electric boat.

As everyone knows, the monomer large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery has a consistency not fatal, but with our IC design capacity of Taiwan outstanding, develop excellent BMS (battery management system), and has overcome the single large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery consistency problems, our BMS using equilibrium method type, which makes our lithium battery use efficiency is improved and the service life can be prolonged.

Our single large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, a large number of these years in electric vehicle (ship) the use of harsh environment, and it is proved that the quality is stable, therefore more deepen us for our single high capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery confidence, in the face of the growing shortage of resources, rising cost of power generation the company was established in 2010, Taiwan Dingli International Development Co., Ltd. Taiwan responsible for the business development, in 2011 started the layout of new energy industry, battery with our advantage, and system vendors of cooperation, innovation in the power storage utilization, because the battery enough resistance to charge and discharge, such as wind energy, solar energy is, tidal energy and other new energy power generation to solve the generation capacity is not stable, outmoded problem, first off bad electricity stored in batteries, and then released into the power grid and reduce the impact on the power grid; to save water, fire, gas and other traditional plant excess electricity during the day at night, released for the generation of electricity, the peak load shifting effect, avoid the waste of power, energy saving and emission reduction; also can let use electricity peak load shifting, i.e. storage night cheap electricity, to The price is high, save electricity, all these have only one purpose, to reduce the waste of resources, reduce environmental pollution, for our earth sustainable as a force.

Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy.

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